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Here are 8 signs that your guardian angels are present.

The possibility that the attendants of the guardian angels move among us, observing us and assuring us all our lives, is improving regularly. It gives us expectations even in the darkest moments, with the certainty that there are more important things in action than those who live on this planet. How would you realize that your vigilant saints are within your reach?

One thing is certain, friends and family who leave this planet before us never give up. Instead, they have gone from our beloved here, physically close, to a celestial guardian who directs and assures us at all times. It’s a relaxing idea, right?

Do not just take my word for it. Here are the signs that your guardian angels are nearby:

# 1 – Forms of clouds

When you were young, you probably invested your time watching a piece of cloud, observing the mists and distinguishing the different shapes. In any case, if these forms help you remember a loving person who passed they may not be as arbitrary as you once accepted. Spirits can use fog to convey a message, telling them they are there. This could gradually incorporate non-exclusive signs, such as successes or pens, or forms that help you explicitly remember a person.

# 2 – Color

Most of us do not know, but every important celestial guest is associated with an alternative shading, which characterizes their vitality. It is said that by using these shadows, we can invite them into our lives, for example, by welcoming them openly. Meanwhile, you can use this shading to tell you they are close. Concentrate on the chance if you suddenly start to see a similar tone. Two or more times, without a doubt, this could be a fortuitous event; however, if that happened, it could simply be an indication of something else.

# 3 – Buzzing in your ears

Observe as soon as you feel ringing in the ears and there is no physical clarification. At the moment when otherworldly creatures are trying to manage or provide us with data, this happens frequently through so-called “downloads”, the death of higher data on the side. Opposite the shroud. As these data are transmitted to us in a deep dimension, we may not have understood what happened, except for a sound that resonated or buzzed in our ears.

# 4 – Music

They argue that music is a general language, which allows, all things considered, societies and countries, to connect with each other. In any case, you can also transmit messages from the domain of another world. Is there a particular melody that you associate with a deceased partner or relative? You may discover that you cannot put a particular tune in your head, or that you see a tune wherever you go. Although this can be elucidated as a minor event, it could be a deep domain message.

# 5 – Angelic intervention

One of the most extraordinary signs is that there are people who, sooner or later in their lives, have found themselves in a situation that would have been a tragedy, despite a sudden miracle. It is possible that you have not been run over by a vehicle since he stopped looking for something you thought you had seen or, according to your instinct, you refrained from flying on a plane that then crashed. These supernatural occurrences are just that, a wonder, a case of celestial intercession. They indicate that someone is taking care of you.

# 6 – Butterflies

Perceived in many religions and societies as an image of progress and change, the butterfly is also connected to those that preceded us. After progressing in the world of souls, they are not always ready to return to the structure we perceive. Rather, they can use butterflies to connect and tell us they are there.

# 7 – Animals

Concentrate on everything that happens around you when you encounter the most difficult moments of your daily life. If you struggle in and see a creature or person near you, or even walk towards you as if they are offering help, there may be a reason. Although our heavenly guardian guardians generally cannot communicate directly with us, they can certainly offer their support through another being.

# 8 – white feathers

The white feathers were considered for a time as an indication of virtue and harmony, related to the proximity of the blessed messengers. If you see white feather lying on the ground, consider that it is not a coincidence. Whether you simply decide to recognize its quality, or pick it up and grab it, this can simply indicate that blessed messengers are taking care of you.


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