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Fire Rainbows: Another Proof That Nature Never Ceases To Amaze Us

Fire Rainbows or circumhorizontal arc is another type of rainbow which we witness from time to time. This phenomenon happens in the sky when the sun is higher than 58°. The other reason for this occurrence is thin and feathery cirrus clouds emerging in higher altitudes. The temperature should be low for this breath-taking scenario to happen. So, they are made from ice crystals. When it’s aligned optimally, the crystals act as a prism and reflect the reminiscent of a rainbow.  

There is a misconception that this type of rainbows is rare. The truth is, these rainbows occur depending on the location of a particular latitude.  In the United States, Fire Rainbows are common to see, especially in summer. But when it comes to Middle and Northern Europe, this becomes quite rare to spot. 

Cessna Kutz Could Capture A Magnificent Fire Rainbow In Lake Sammamish

Image credits: Cessna Kutz

Cessna wrote on her Instagram, sharing the fascinating shots, “Witnessed a pretty cool phenomenon out on lake Sammamish today. A horizontal rainbow! To me, it was a little reminder to hold onto hope and love instead of fear and panic in these unknown times. Stay safe out there, friends.”

Fire Rainbows Happen When The Sun Is Higher Than 58° Above The Horizon.

Image credits: Cessna Kutz

These shots made everyone spell-bounded, and that’s the reason why these images went viral. “I honestly had no idea these photos would make the news. I was just wanting to share a beautiful moment I got to witness. I’m super passionate about photography so I’m grateful that God has used my photos to touch people, not only throughout the nation but throughout the world. It’s boosted my photography business as well as make an impact on people, so it feels pretty amazing.”

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