Family finds out that their Labrador is frozen among their Halloween decorations

This is Maverick. He is a big-hearted dog. He loves making friends with people and pets alike. His owner Lilly Ann Flores describes him as a super loving, sweet dog.

However, when it comes to Halloween figurines, he is not taking any chances.

The other day Maverick was at home with his family in Texas when he unexpectedly noticed the creepiest collection of cardboard cutout cats.


It turns out that the evening prior Flores had decided to put the cats there as decorations for Halloween. It wasn’t meant to be scary but except for Maverick. Upon seeing the cutout cats, Maverick froze like a statue.
“When I turned around, he was standing frozen like that” Flores said. She said that she had never seen him do that before.

They actually don’t know why he acted like that but it does appear that he is actually “pointing”. It is an instinct some pups display when trying to alert their owners to something of interest. In other words, he was just making sure his family knew the creepy cats out there. It was really funny to see him stand still as a statue.


Luckily, the cardboard cats weren’t a real threat to him. It was just a little decoration for the spooky season and that’s all!

Maverick’s family still has his back against scary things, even if they are real or imagined.