Family at sanctuary adopts abandoned donkey

Shortly after birth, this foal’s mother rejected him, and hence, his life was anything but easy. However, he was fortunate enough to not be alone. He found a new loving mother and was surrounded with love and affection, and soon the odds turned in his favor when this helpless baby donkey overcame the tough situation.

There is a Donkey Sanctuary in the UK, and Ben’s mother arrives here when she’s pregnant. It was only a few months away from giving birth, and the mare named Millie was far from being a mother. However much the staff tried to help her, it was not meant to be, as shortly after birth, Millie rejected her baby.

YouTube/The DODO

The sanctuary wrote that “The mare and her baby were not together or showing any signs of the bonding process that would normally take place. We carefully tried to encourage her to accept him, but this young and inexperienced mum simply did not want to let her foal near her – it was clear that she had rejected him.”

YouTube/The DODO

For any newborn animal, the survival chances without its mother it extremely slim, and it was the same with Ben. The devoted team at the sanctuary did their best to keep the little foal alive and they succeeded, feeding him every 3-4 hours, spending a lot of time with him and keeping him comfortable and making him feel loved. However much they did, there needed someone to be with Ben every second, to protect and warm him, which only a mother can do.

Facebook/The Donkey Sanctuary

As Ben’s mother had abandoned him at birth, the staff introduced him to another mare at the sanctuary, “auntie” Jingle. Within a short period of time, the two were inseparable. The entire staff at the sanctuary were extremely happy that Ben had finally found a loving and protective mother, as after all that had happened to him, he deserves it very much.