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Facebook Group Edits Images of Plus-Sized Women to ‘Motivate’ Weight Loss

The practice of using Photoshop to enhance images has long been commonplace, often aimed at refining perceived imperfections. While some instances of this editing may be acceptable, such as with the consent of the individual featured, recent actions by a group called “Project Harpoon” have sparked controversy. This group, which operated on Facebook until its page was shut down, faced backlash for digitally altering images of plus-size models to make them appear slimmer.

Project Harpoon emerged as an offshoot of ThInnerBeauty, a website and subreddit, with the stated goal of “inspiring” individuals to lose weight. The group’s Reddit page describes its mission as providing individuals with tangible, healthy body goals achievable through personal fitness commitments. By showcasing manipulated images of plus-size women alongside potential transformations, they aim to illustrate the perceived aesthetic differences between current and potential appearances.

While the Reddit platform associated with ThInnerBeauty appears to present a slightly moderated approach compared to the now-defunct Facebook group, it still engages in the practice of digitally altering images. Notably, many of these modified images are submitted by users themselves, seeking motivation for personal fitness journeys.

Tes Holiday

Mayara Russi

Denise Bidot


Angela Trovato

Clementine Desseaux

Lena Dunham

Viktoria Manas

Kelly Clarkson

Whitney Way Thore

More info: thinnerbeauty.org | reddit.com | twitter (h/t: demilked, hellogiggles)


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