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Elton John expresses his gratitude to fans for their incredible support over the past 52 years as he concludes his touring career.

After enchanting audiences worldwide for more than fifty years, Elton John has officially retired from touring.

The legendary musician concluded his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour with a grand finale at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena.

Reflecting on his storied career, the 76-year-old John expressed deep gratitude to his fans, saying, “I’ve had the most incredible career, beyond words. How fortunate am I to be able to play music for 52 years?”

Speaking earnestly to the crowd, he acknowledged the crucial role his audience played in his success, stating, “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. You bought the singles, albums, CDs, and cassettes, but more importantly, you bought the concert tickets. You know how much I enjoy performing live.”

With moving performances of classics like “Your Song” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” Elton John marked the end of an extraordinary era of live music.

After the show, the five-time Grammy winner expressed his gratitude to his loyal fans, whose steadfast support has spanned over five decades.

“In every chapter of my journey, my fans have stood by me,” he said in a statement following the concert, as reported by Consequence. “They’ve been steadfast, showing up at every event, offering unwavering support and patience.”

Reflecting on the evening, he added, “Tonight has been truly remarkable. As I process it all, I realize that bidding farewell to touring will be a lengthy process. The depth of my appreciation for my fans and their love is immeasurable—it will remain etched in my heart indefinitely.”

During the event, there was a heartfelt moment when Elton John, known for hits like “Tiny Dancer,” received a touching message from Chris Martin, who was performing with Coldplay in Sweden at the same time.

“Elton, we just want to express our immense love for you, from everyone here, from all the bands and artists whom you’ve inspired and supported,” Martin, 46, said emotionally. “Your influence is immeasurable, and we will deeply miss you. Wishing you a joyous retirement, and you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.”

John, whose musical journey began in 1970, took to Instagram earlier that Saturday to share a reflective message ahead of the highly anticipated event.

“What an incredible journey this tour has been, and now we find ourselves reaching its culmination,” he expressed. “Tonight marks the final chapter.”

Although John has stopped touring, both he and his management have hinted at future performances for fans to look forward to.

“It’s important to differentiate between Elton’s retirement from touring and his final public performance,” explained John’s husband and manager, David Furnish, to Billboard last November.

“He won’t be embarking on any tours. However, what’s on the horizon are possibilities for a magnificent one-off event or a brief residency at a specific location for a limited duration.”


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