Elephant interrupts the reporter’s news segment, and he can’t stop laughing

It is not funny to spread the news about saving Africa’s endangered elephants, unless when it is.

Just ask Alvin Kaunda, a journalist.

The other day, Kaunda was at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a rescue and rehabilitation facility for orphaned animals in Kenya, filming a programme for KBC News when things took an unexpected turn.

Kaunda stood surrounded by many young Trust residents as she delivered a very melancholy speech about the threats to elephants and other species; yet, they had little interest in being just props.

Kaunda tried to remain calm as the elephants jostled around him, but it was soon hard for him to maintain his composure:

When Kaunda encountered such endearing interruption, she couldn’t help but giggle.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has successfully reared over 300 orphaned elephants, or that they are committed to conserving those in the wild through operations to combat poaching, might have been what he continued to say.

Kaunda might have added that there are ways for people to provide assistance.

He was unable to continue, but witnessing the elephants’ endearing behaviours provides even another argument for why they should be protected.