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Dog waits on train tracks for her family to take her back

Ribbles had no idea what to do next when her family placed her on a railway in South Carolina. The one-year-old puppy had to either stay on the busy tracks until her family come and take her or wander off and try to find them. Instead of walking anywhere, she decided to wait with hope. So she sat patiently and waited.


Thankfully, a Good Samaritan noticed her on the fast-moving train and knew that she had to help. She even tried to catch her but the dog was too skittish. Then she decided to call Logan’s Legacy for help. Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy who has familiar with these dogs got to the scene.

Whenever the train comes the dog would run into a little hole in there. Hall figured out that the hole led to a nearby car dealership. People in the car dealership told her that they left food out for Ribbles and allowed her to sleep in there at the night.


Hall asked them to place a trap on their property and they said yes to her. Without skipping a second she immediately set up a trap. She put some food down and started to talk to her. But Ribbles refused to go inside the trap. So Hall decided to leave and returned in the morning.

To her relief, Ribbles was safely inside the trap the next day.

Ribbles is finally safe with Hall and she is in a good health.


Now Hall is looking for a foster family for Ribbles because she needs a home to decompress. She says that is the most important thing right now. Hall says she is a really brave dog too.


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