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Dog shows the funniest reaction when he caught destroying his bed on camera

When you are caught doing something wrong, the next step is to give a quick and meaningful apology. And you know the second one. Freeze in place, run to the couch and pretend as just nothing happened.

Arlo went with the second one. This Italian greyhound is not usually destructive but occasionally inclined to dig in his dog bed. That is what he was exactly doing when his human dad Garry Mill caught him with stuffing in his mouth.


Mill was out of the house at the moment. But he had already installed a mini camera in his house. So he can watch him from anywhere. Usually, Mill doesn’t use the camera’s microphone because he doesn’t want to upset or confuse Arlo with the strange noise. But that day, he was worried that Arlo might eat the bed’s stuffing so Mill decided to give it a try.


He just froze in the same spot and never went back to the bed. The clip of it was funny but Mill had no idea how funny is it until he went home and watched it back.

Arlo’s lovely face and endless charm ensure he won’t be in much trouble at all. He knew that his parents love him so much!


Mill and his fiancée Chelsea Watson adopted him, in between COVID lockdowns. They grew up with dogs in Carnoustie, Scotland. They needed a new one for their new family. Pretty soon, they found the perfect fit.

Arlo is a loving dog who loves to cuddle. He loves to be up in Mill’s arms like a baby. He is very playful at times but crashes out quickly. And he loves to be in bed with them too.


Arlo even helped Mill propose to Watson, sporting a tuxedo for the occasion. He makes them happy and complete all the time. What if Arlo is ever caught starting another boxing match with his bed while no one is at home?

Well, hope he will apologize the next time!


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