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Cuteness Takes Over: 24-Year-Old Man Covered in Tattoos Removes Them for His Daughter’s Sake

Ethan Modboy Bramble is one of Australia’s most renowned bloggers. At 24, he’s easily noticeable with a split tongue, modified ears, black eyeballs, enlarged nostrils, a sewn-in navel, and tattoos covering 95% of his body. His striking appearance captures the attention of even the most indifferent passersby.

Ethan’s love for body modifications seemed limitless, driven by his boundless imagination and the endless possibilities of modern plastic surgery. However, his perspective changed dramatically when he and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world.

The birth of his daughter served as a wake-up call for Ethan, prompting him to reassess his appearance. He made a resolute decision to restore his body to its original state, despite the significant expense and the pain and suffering his past modifications had entailed.


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Now, the popular Australian regularly visits tattoo removal specialists, and with each session, more of his skin is cleared. By the time his little daughter grows up, he may only be able to show her photos of how unusual his appearance once was.

What are your thoughts on this caring father’s actions? Do you believe he made the right decision for his daughter?


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