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Cop shares an umbrella with stray dogs during a heavy rain

Sometimes your small act of kindness can be a whole world to others.

It was a rainy season in Kolkata, India and heavy rains were flooded the streets. Humans and animals were searching for a safe place in the storm. Tauren Kumar Mandal a cop of the Kolkata police helped those who were in need.


On that day he was monitoring traffic at a busy seven-way crossing when he met some company of strays. They were wet and standing in the middle of the street. Mandal had a large umbrella with him and it was a nice shelter for those strays. He offered the space under his umbrella and continued directing traffic.

Someone whom passerby snapped a photo of his kind act and shared it on social media. People loved his act and even dogs’ faces say it all.


India has one of the highest populations of strays in the world. It is estimated as 30 to 40, million. There is a long way to help these innocent animals. For those two strays, that moment meant the world.


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