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Camera catches a puppy enjoying the rain under the roof of his house.

When it’s the rainy season, humans usually take it as bad weather, as they have to work a lot outside under the sun. but only a few people there love it and enjoy it. The freshness of rain is not something you can get rid of. After every rain, you can feel the freshness of the air and the new-born-looking surroundings.


When it comes to the animals, they do enjoy rain too. But in the wild, most animals get wet and cold sadly. Maybe only the pets are lucky enough to just enjoy the rain as the street animals also ended up cold when its rains.


Take a look at this little puppy! His owner thought that he loves the rain so much, and after catching these pictures, he realized that it is true.

When the rain began, the puppy asked to go outside, instead of being scared as most pets do. He quickly settled to see the drizzle. The most interesting thing here is his posture! The leg crossing pose of the puppy says that he really enjoys it and he is relaxed.


Seeing his puppy enjoying the rain the owner was so happy. He recorded what was happening. And then he uploaded it to the social networks and received a lot of reactions from the followers.

People loved that they could see their type of enjoying puppy.



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