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Baby Owls Sleep On Their Bellies Because Their Heads Are Too Heavy To Keep Uptight

We have a lot to learn about animals because each animal is unique in its own way. When it comes to baby animals specially, their behavior is quite adorable and different than the grown-ups. 

Did you know the baby owls sleep on their bellies? 

Well, it’s true. The grown owls have the strength to keep their heads uptight while they sleep. But, the baby owls can’t sleep in the same way because owls’ heads are heavier than their bodies.

For this, the babies choose a perfect place where they don’t fall. And, they balance their position using their hallux aka back toe. 

Journalist Mark Rees wanted to show the beauty of owl babies’ sleep. He has posted several photos of owls’ sleep on their bellies, which went viral.

The owls sleep only for a small time. Well, once they got up, they are pretty much like humans.