Army sergeant reunites with the pup she bonded overseas

Army Sergeant Webb was serving overseas previously. On that day she came across a little stray dog in need of help.

The back and brown puppy was the weakest of the stray group and Sergeant Webb couldn’t stand to watch her struggle. She jumped into the action and started caring for them. She named the dog PupPup.


However, when Webb’s tour ended sooner, she worried to leave PupPup behind. Because they had formed an incredible bond. Webb reached out to the Paws of War, which is a nonprofit that helps active military personnel bring animals they have rescued back to the states. She hoped that they could help PupPup.


She was desperately asking Paws of War to help her to bring her back to America. Because she was not ready to leave her behind. She said that the spot is very harsh to dogs, and she was afraid that PupPup will die if she is left behind. Also, the bond of theirs didn’t allow her to leave the PupPup there.

Robert Misseri, the cofounder of Paws of war, started working on the case immediately. They had only a week and a half from leaving. It was a very short time to get the pup.


First, they brought PupPup to the veterinarian to get the vaccines. Then they coordinated a foster home for PupPup to quarantine until she could leave the country. After four canceled flights, finally, she was able to board a plane to her new life. Webb couldn’t believe that it was really happening! She even let it know to Misseri. She said that it would be weighed very heavy on her heart if she had to leave her there.

Finally, they become inseparable. Hope they will live a long and happy life ahead!