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Age doesn’t matter to be a model- even if you are in the wild

This time you are seeing an old but a real-life Lion King. This is Morani, who is 14 years old now and is the oldest known lion alive in the Maasai Mara, a well-known national reserve in Kenya. Morani took the title after his brother named, Scarface passed away earlier this year.

Professional wildlife photographer Leighton Lum who is from Hawaii is this awesome photographer. These photos of the stunning big cat, are captured by him while in a photography workshop.

This reserve is also home to many amazing animals such as cheetahs, zebras, and many lions. But he is most excited to capture this 14-year-old Morani. It was the haunting look on his face that left Lum awe-struck. Lum is very excited about Morani. He says, that just looking at Morani’s face tells us a long story about his life journey as a lion. He went from a young stud leader of pride to a king, and then to a retired old man who still fights to survive in the Mara.
Morani was a part of a coalition of four males and he is the only one remaining out of the four. After getting old he can’t keep control of his pride, naturally, it is done by the strongest males. He may be old but his eyes are still in action.

1. An old king looking so proud

Caters News | Leighton Lum

2. Direct on the eyes

Caters News | Leighton Lum

3. Looking at you! Observing.

Caters News | Leighton Lum

4. My time has come

Caters News | Leighton Lum

5. Scars on the face have its own story

@Getty Images/ RooM RF

6. An old retired king here

Caters News | Leighton Lum

7. Starving!

Caters News | Leighton Lum

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