After surviving a shelter fire, a scared puppy asks for a loving home

When Jacqueline Colette answered a local animal shelter’s call for fosters, she faced a hurdle in the form of several puppies in need of homes. She was unaware that the ideal dog would pick her.

I watch this tiny arm just shoot straight out of the gate, Jacqueline said in an interview. The little puppy arm of Donut just about squeezed through one of the chain links.


When Donut was 7 months old, her foster guardians, who called her Cinnamon, were astonished to see her reach through the kennel bars. Jacqueline was informed that the fearful dog had not showed affection during her 11 days in the institution.

They then revealed to her Donut’s horrific shelter past.

She was taken in as a puppy after being saved from the streets, but the shelter burned down, Jacqueline said.


Donut was brought to Austin Pets Alive’s parvo ICU unit immediately after contracting parvo despite escaping the shelter fire unscathed.

A sewer pipe ruptured one week after Donut moved into her new sanctuary, completely flooding the parvo unit. All the children at the sanctuary were relocated to outside kennels, including Donut, who had recently finished her parvo treatment.

Jacqueline added, “This infant is 6 or 7 months old and has been transported so many times. She’s never had a home, she’s never had a bed to herself, and she’s always been in a kennel.”


In order to begin their new chapter together, Jacqueline finished the foster paperwork and left with her new foster puppy.

Jacqueline saw Donut was anxious as they rode home on the auto lift. Her tail was tucked under her, and she was trembling and regained consciousness.

The dog was shivering, though, and spent the remainder of the ride home chasing the windshield wipers back and forth with her head after an unexpected downpour prompted Jacqueline to switch on the wipers.

Donut made the most of her first day at her new home by giving herself a good bath to get rid of the sewage smell and enjoying some free time to run about in Jacqueline’s yard. Jacqueline saw Donut become softer and more at ease throughout the soaking.


I was trying to calm her when she kind of pushed up against me and placed her head in my hand, Jacqueline said. “And she simply turned to face me and said, ‘Thanks, lady.'”

When Donut raced around her new yard for the first time, her awareness began to rise, but it quickly dropped when she realized that someone was watching her.

Donut made it apparent that evening that she wasn’t yet at ease with the notion of spending the night outside. Jacqueline remarked, “She tried very, really hard to sleep on the field. Jacqueline thus prepared a large spread and spent almost an hour lying with Donut in the yard.

She came onto the mask at first, and I kind of ignored her, Jacqueline continued. Jacqueline said, “OK, she’s getting it,” as Donut scampered over and laid her head on her new human. She is aware of her safety.

Just three days after taking Donut home, Jacqueline decided she belonged with her permanently.

Since Jacqueline initially brought Donut home two months ago, the adorable puppy has been coming out of her shell more and more.


Every time she rests her head on me, Jacqueline observed, “she nuzzles her chin back and forth and sighs.” Jacqueline believes that at times like this, Donut is attempting to express gratitude to her new mother for the positive changes in her life.

Jacqueline concluded by saying, “It’s great to see the gratitude in her eyes. She clearly feels grateful and content.”