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Adult version of the toy car is impressive

All of us know at least one person who owned one of these Little toy cars as a child. Or your play group would have had one when you were small .

They had endless fun. Who knew that pretending you had your own car would be so awesome, but your morning commute when you were all grown up would be so awful? However, you can now go back to your childhood dreams and travel in your own red and yellow tike-mobile!    

Two brothers, Geoff and John Bitmead , wanted to recreate some childhood memories when they had an idea. They wanted to return to childhood. To see if they could fit into one of those iconic toy cars, red and yellow, which they remembered.    

So, they built a full-size adult version. They call it the Big Tike, and they have done everything similar to the toy car. But Instead of being powered by the feet, this car has an engine. The car has lights, indicators, everything it needs to be completely legal.   
They based the car on the Daewoo Matiz , after finding similarities in the drawings. It was mostly color by the appearance of things. After 1,000 hours of hard work and over £ 4,000 (almost $ 5,000), their creation was complete. 
They also got  a Guinness World Record for this! They are officially the largest comfortable coupe in the world. 

However, they sold this vehicle on eBay about sometime back, making a substantial profit. The car went to a big child somewhere in the world for £ 21,500 (about $ 33,000 at the time). 

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