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Abandoned on the curb with all of her belongings, the dog waits patiently for the return of her family

Nirvana in no way asked to live in an empty lot coming to a auto marshland, but when her family left her before with a mask and some food, the pious canine coiled up on her new bed and awaited for them to return.

“She was lying there for two days,” Suzette Hall, author of Logan’s heritage canine deliverance, told in an interview.

Workers from the neighboring auto marshland originally saw the canine sleeping on the check and, when they realized that her kibble force was low, they set out a new bag of food and called Hall for help.


Nirvana ate the food that had been set out for her, but she spent the rest of her time napping in the empty lot. The sad doggy slept for nearly the entire two days, but she was still nearly too tired to reply when Hall got there, and she says: “She was so sleepy. She was just so exhausted from staying.”

Hall approached Nirvana precisely, so as not to terrify her. Indeed though she was tired, the canine stood up, also saluted her deliverer with a familiar movement.

Hall also adds: “I got a leash around her, and she just wriggled her butt. She knew someone came to save her.”


Hall brought Nirvana to her van and drove straight to the warhorse, where the dog got a important, much needed bath.

“It just washed down the sadness and everything,” Hall said.

As soon as Nirvana got to the beast sanitarium, everyone came smitten with her. They’d seen a lot of faves come through their doors, but the warhorse platoon knew that Nirvana was special.

“She’s commodity differently,” Hall said. “She’s sweeter than anything.”


They set up a kennel just for her, also got the doggy settled in to start her mending process. Although Nirvana was overall healthy, she was suffering from a broken heart, and her warhorse platoon was determined to fix it.

Within a few days, Nirvana was placed in a foster home which would eventually help her forget about her sad history.

“Her foster mama just loves her,” Hall said. “She completely cuddles at night with her foster mama.”


While also being in love with spending time outside going on hikes or long walks as well, the formerly exhausted canine now has a renewed tang for life, and with that comes a lot of zoomies.

Hall also adds: “She has a lot of energy now, so she has to get her walks in to get it out of her. She’s funny, veritably sportful and happy.”


Nirvana’s still looking for a ever home, but in the meantime, she’s making sure her foster parents and saviors know just how she feels about them.

“She’s so thankful,” Hall said. “So thankful.”


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