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A lonely shelter dog reaches her paw through the bars to shake everyone’s hand

Eden has always been a gentle spirit. When she was sleeping under a tree as a slapdash canine and Good Samaritans stopped by to leave her food, she ’d always hail them with a subtle tail wag.

Now that she’s waiting for a ever home in an beast sanitarium, she can’t help but reach her paw through her pen to hold hands with everyone who walks by.


Suzette Hall, author of Logan’s heritage canine deliverance, isn’t sure exactly what caused Eden to start living under the tree in Southern California, but when the deliverer arrived, she could tell she’d been there a long time.

In an interview, hall participated “ For weeks and weeks, she was under that tree. She wouldn’t leave. ”

People visited Eden and left food under the tree for her, but nothing came to her deliverance. So, as soon as Hall heard about a sweet canine in need of a home, she wasted no time in lading her up.

Eden perked up as soon as she saw Hall, and she continues “ She knew she was getting help. She knew it was her time to stop living under the tree.”


Hall brought Eden to the warhorse, where her new musketeers gave her a important- demanded bath. The platoon soon realized that the canine had a painful skin condition and was oppressively light, so they began treating her right down. ahead long, her personality started to blossom.

Hall also went on to add, “ She’s the sweetest canine you could ever meet. She’s just a nut. ”

Eden was put in her own kennel, where she could rest and recover, where at first, she spent the maturity of her time coiled up on her bed. But one day, someone at the sanitarium walked past her kennel and saw a single grey and white paw sticking through the bars.

They seized Eden’s paw and gave it a loving squeeze.


“ She just wants to hold our hand, ” Hall said. “ She ’ll hold your hand and also make the sweetest howl ever as if she’s byword, ‘ I love you. ’”

Since that day, Eden has been reaching out her paw to everyone who walks by. She’s gotten numerous handshakes since she’s been at the warhorse, but the sweet doggy is still staying to find that one special connection.

“ We ’re working on getting her into a ever home, ” Hall said. “ She deserves it further than anybody. ”

Eden isn’t the most comfortable around other tykes , since she was protecting for herself outdoors for a long time. Her musketeers at the sanitarium are helping her overcome her unease by taking her on walks with canine coaches, but it’s going to take a lot of work for the doggy to feel more confident. So, Hall’s looking for a ever home where Eden would be the only canine.

Even if it takes longer to locate the ideal match for Eden, Hall is confident that the appropriate family will fall head over heels for her soon. It’s impossible, as the deliverer sees it, not to.

“Everyone falls madly in love with her,” Hall explained. “ She’s just a cuddler and a complete squeeze . ”


For the time being, Eden will continue to promote love at the beast sanitarium one handshake at a time. Some may argue she’s requesting attention, but Hall feels she’s expressing something else.

“ It’s like she’s telling everybody,’ Thank you, ’” Hall said. “‘ Thank you for noticing me. ’”


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