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A Family Sailing Trip Becomes A Whale Rescue Operation

Planet Earth is a fantastic place, as it is beautiful, and because there are so many co-existence of numerous different life forms that we can witness. Every once in awhile, we hear stories of men and women alike risking their lives to help animals in need. What you are going to read today is one such story. On a perfect sunny afternoon, The Great Whale conservatory co-founder, Michael Fishbach, was sailing with his team and family. Out in the waters, having fun, the team and family came across something they couldn’t just sail away from.

The team had come across a giant humpback whale. Even though the team was supposed to be happy and excited, they were saddened with what was in front of their eyes. The humpback had somehow got entangled in some nets of the local fisherman. As it was hardly moving, at first, they presumed that the whale was already dead. As the great whale turned ever so slightly and let out a massive breath from its blowhole, the whole gang was ecstatic. However, Michael and his team knew that the danger this magnificent creature was in, was far from over. As the humpback’s tail and fins were trapped in the nets, it was stuck and unable to swim.

Similar to handling any cornered animal, any animal rescuer will guarantee that there is always a danger in approaching a pained, cornered animal. These animals may see anyone coming close as a possible threat as this majestic creature was tangled up in human-made nets. Therefore, Michael was in real danger. As the whale was floating 15 feet below the surface of the water, this made matters even worse, as it was not able to breathe.

The rescue mission was twofold. On the one hand, as the team had only one knife, they had to work quickly in order to cut through the fishing nets. On the other hand, Michael and the crew had to keep the whale calm so it would allow them to approach. Knowing they had no other options, the team started carefully cutting off the net from around the humpback.

Soon, Michael and the tea were able to cut through the nets, and the majestic creature was able to move. However, in its eagerness to get moving, the whale went for a joy ride with the entire team for over half a mile. This was before the team was able to free the whale entirely.

When the whole rescue was done and dusted, the entire team had developed a bond with the whale and named it Valentina. Deep down, the humpback knew that Michael and his team did not mean to harm her and that they only wanted to help. Soon after, Valentina showed her rescuers her appreciation and swam away.

Before her final goodbye, Valentina, the humpback whale, performed some magnificent manoeuvres to show her gratitude. She also spent a good part of an hour playing with everyone. It was a huge treat to watch as the bond between man and animal in such a short time was truly amazing. This is the same kind of relationship that makes Planet Earth such a fantastic place.


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