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A Dog From A Shelter Hugs A Reporter Who Visited To Do A Story, Which Made Him Adopt The Dog.

We all believe in love at first sight, friendship at first sight and hate at first sight. But all these connections are known to happen between people. But this is a story about friendship at first sight between a human and guess who? A dog.

This reporter was going to do a story of an animal shelter. Suddenly, a neglected dog reached him and hugged his knees, making everyone there surprised.

This person and the dog haven’t met before, but the affection and the love this dog showed were heartfelt. The reporter didn’t have any treat or snack to give to the dog. He talked to the dog lovingly and started to caress the dog. This gesture made the dog hug the reporter tighter and stayed hugging for a while.

As the reporter was giving the dog loving pats, it encouraged the neglected animal to hold onto his leg even tighter. When the people who were recording the encounter got closer to get its facial expression, it was clear from the dog’s eyes that it wasn’t going to let the reporter go.

It was clear from the photos that the dog was feeling the love he has never received. And same might have gone with the reporter because a dog won’t reach a person until he/she senses a positive vibe. So, it seems like this loving dog finally found his home.

What would do if you happen to face such a situation? FYI, this reporter decided to adopt the dog because he realized that he couldn’t leave the furry chap again in the shelter. So, one of the greatest friendship/love story started like that.

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