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A Black Couple Opens Their Hearts to a Boy Overlooked by Adoption Agencies, Embracing Love Beyond Color Lines

A 12-year-old foster child has finally found his forever home after enduring disappointments in adoption. When his second adoption fell through, his best friend’s family stepped in to adopt him.

Back in 2018, a family in Tennessee opened their doors to Andrew, a 12-year-old who had spent about six years in foster care.

Kevin and Dominique Gill, the generous couple, shared with Today that when Andrew’s parents lost their rights, his four siblings found adoptive families. Left behind, Andrew waited for a permanent home until the Gills fostered him.

Despite initial challenges during his first week, where Andrew, then ten, withdrew into himself, the Gills persisted, understanding his past traumas.

Andrew and Joc talk about being brothers. | Photo: youtube.com/WBIR10

Andrew bonded well with the Gills’ son, Joc, over shared interests like video games and snacks, building a friendship that would ultimately lead to his adoption.

After more than a year with the Gills, Andrew left, maintaining his friendship with Joc. Initially not planning to adopt, the Gills intended to help Andrew find a permanent home.

Kevin and Dominique Gill talk about adopting Andrew | Photo: youtube.com/WBIR10

But when Andrew’s second adoption didn’t pan out, the Gills realized he belonged with them. They surprised him during a walk with a counselor, inviting him to be part of their family, to which Andrew eagerly agreed.

Grateful for the Gills’ unwavering support, Andrew found solace in a family that saw beyond his past struggles. Dominique emphasized that love knows no boundaries, and Andrew was their son as much as Joc was, fully embraced into their family.


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