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50 Of The Funniest Cat Pictures On The Internet

Cats are so mysterious and they have their own personality. They are not truly as loyal and friendly to humans as dogs are but for some reason love these furballs so much. There is evidence that cats have been living along with humans for thousands of years before they were adopted by humans and domesticated. Their DNA has not been changed much from all those wildcats. So even the domestic cats are small and cute, they still have the apex predator genes from their relatives in the jungle.
Ancient evidence such as cat statues in Egypt suggests that cats have been around humans for centuries and the bond between cats and the humans are a special one. It’s not the typical master-pet relationship we have with the dogs, but instead cats develop an attitude of their own and become a bit more independent. These 50 pics which we found on the internet will show you different expressions of cats. If you are a cat lover, please stay with us for more.

1. My crush told me that real men doesn’t love cats. This is the final text I sent her

Bored Panda

2. The work attitude


3. Good cat


4. God give me the treats

5. Selfie of the year


6. He has been chosen

7. I hunt leaves

Bored Panda

8. Close enough

9. Black cat is sus

10. Got a question!

11. A protest against vacuum cleaners

12. Or may be not

13. Hello

14. I can sleep, anywhere!


15. Onwards, My Noble Steed!

16. Tower is down, I repeat the tower is down.

17. It’s Joke?

18. I’m offended by your action, Sir.

19. Catflix and chill

20. On Air


21. Illusion


22. My Halloween costume this year

Bored Panda

23. Witch craft


24. Where Is The Syrup, Stanley?


25. Cat heist


26. Getting Head Is Best

27. The Way My Cat Sleeps


28. These Rolls Are Homemade

29. If You Can’t Hide A Crime Scene, Just Pretend You Are A Victim


30. Behold The Glorious Whiskers Of Shoulder Cat

31. He Thinks He’s Being Sneaky

Bored Panda

32. Today I Was Extremely Sad And I Thought “I Can’t Wait To Go Home And See My Cat, He Will Make Me Happy”. Ok Well I Found Out He Was More Depressed Than Me


33. “I Do Not See The Humor In This”


34. Proud Daddy With His New Litter

35. How Could You Be Mad At Her With Eyes Like Those

36. I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This


37. The New Spiderman Movie Got Me Confused

38. I Found Our New Church

39. If You Bite Me In The Face, You Get The Bowl!


40. Wait…

41. My Cat Is Sleeping Very Strangely…

42. Being Sexy For Ya

43. Delightful Cat Photos To Brighten Your Day


44. Jailed For Smol Crimes

45. When Your Cats Creates Gradient While They Eat

46. Zzz


47. Blursed_meeow

48. College Life

49. “Be There Or Be Square” Me:


50. I Don’t Even Know


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