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22 Decisions for a Better Life

Have you ever felt that living is so expensive that at the end you find nothing but emptiness? We have met so many friends, partners in this life but are they all with you now? No, sometimes along the line people just leave without a reason and this literary kills us, All.The.Time! So, what should we do? Should we lock up and stay away from the world? Should we cut off contacts with people? NO! We can change this by ourselves and we have to. Therefore, here are 22 easy decisions we can take to make our life a better one. Nature is the medicine

The answer is not indoors. When you are in dilemma, go outside. Enjoy nature. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or raining, you can find the beauty in both of them.

Enjoy silence.

You have to be at rest at least for 30 mins per day. You have to learn to enjoy the silence in order to have a mental relaxation.

Eat healthy 

It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire when you are sick. So, your priority should be to be healthy. Drink at least 8 liters per day. Eat more fruits and vegetables AND cut off fast foods so you can witness how fast your life gonna change.

·Spread happiness 

If you can make someone happy, then trust me you’ll be happy too. We are living in a world where we need more happiness. So, if you can’t find someone who brings you happiness, be someone who makes others happy.

Save your energy   

You are both surrounded by good and bad vibes. That’s why you have to choose good vibes over bad vibes. Therefore, rather than gossiping and dealing with toxic people, use your time and energy for something to improve yourself.

Follow the golden principle   

Enjoy your breakfast by yourself, have lunch with friends and share your dinner with the enemies.

·Love instead of hating.

We are spending our lives in a limited time frame. So, you have to use love more than hate because you will realize that life is gonna be so much awesome when you cut the negativity.

Life is not fair 

Accept the fact that life is not fair. You may see the world is always against you. The reason is you always try to change what happens around you. But once you learn to accept life as it is, you’ll find life.

Take a break   

It’s okay to take a break once in a while. Life is all about enjoying. But if you take your life seriously, you gonna miss all the fun.

You can’t win every time

Accept the fact that sometimes your ideas, opinions are wrong. So, remember, there are people who know more than you and who have more experience than you.

You are unique 

Never ever compare yourself with others. We have got our own clock. o   If someone has achieved something better than you, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. You just have to wait for your time because universe has a plan for you though you believe it or not.

Past is the past

You have to move on even though it’s hard. You can’t cling on to your past and worry about it. The thing is, you can always learn from the mistakes and make a better future and that’s what all matters.

Take your own responsibility

You have to take the responsibility for yourself. You can’t put the blame the on someone else.  Therefore, be matured and learn to take your own responsibility.

There’s a time for everything.   

You might feel that everything is going wrong and there’s something wrong with us. But there are times even though we do everything right, the time could be wrong. But one day, all your hard work will be paid off.

Help others   

It’s not easy to help others. It you take 10 people and trust me, you’ll find half of them are not willing to help others. But to be a real human this is one of the qualities you have to master.

You have to stop caring about others.

This is your life and you can’t make everyone happy. There are people who always look down upon you. So, it’s up to you to not to care about them at all. Because, once you start to care about what other people think, you gonna miss being yourself.

Time is the answer.

Never rush for anything. With time, even though you like it or not, you gonna move forward. So, what we need it be a little bit patient.

Everything changes

Are you who you were be 1 year ago? NO, the ultimate truth is that everything is subjected to change. If you are having a hard time now, keep in your mind that it won’t last.

Spend your time with your dearest ones

These people who always got your back, will remind you how beautiful your life is. This is exactly why you have to spend more time with them no matter how busy you are.·

Cut off jealousy

As I mentioned before, you competition is with yourself, not with others. So, never try to be jealous of someone who is ahead of you. Focus on being a ‘better you’, not on others.


We are richer than we think. We have got food to eat, a place to live, a family and friends to share everything. So, stop whining about what you don’t have and be grateful for what you have.

Become a teacher

When you live, you gain lots of experiences from your mistakes and from people. But what is great is when you share your life with others and guide and help them to grow.


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