Woman makes Parents Choose between Nursing Home and living in Garage

When a lady consented to have her parents move in with her, she discovered that they were unhappy with their living circumstances. She then forced them to choose between living with her or in a nursing facility.

A lady on Reddit mentioned that she was a single widow living alone in her home after all of her children had moved away. She lived in a five-bedroom house, but only two of them were useful because the others had been turned into offices and hobby areas.

She realized, however, that her children would need a somewhere to stay when they came, so she transformed her garage into a guest home complete with everything they needed, including a separate entrance.

Exterior of a suburban home with blue siding, a white front porch, and white shutters.

She informed her children that if they stayed at her home for the holidays, they would have to stay in the guest house. Her children happily consented; however, the plans quickly changed when her parents requested assistance.

What Happened to the Woman’s Parents?
Although the woman had designed the guest home with her children in mind, her parents requested if they may live with her. She consented to have them stay with her and informed her children.

She emphasized that she informed her children that their grandparents would be moving into the guest home and that they would be required to reside there if they wished to remain. The youngsters agreed.

When it came time for her parents to relocate, the woman’s children showed up at her house to assist move their grandparents into the garage. Her children decided that one family would stay in a motel to make the situation more tolerable.

However, her parents were perplexed when the family began moving their stuff into the garage. The woman added that this was where her parents would live. She said:

“They thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms.”

The woman said that she only had two bedrooms as she had transformed the others into offices and hobbies spaces. Her pets occupied the most of her extra bedroom.

What did the Woman’s Parents Say?

When the lady told her parents that she didn’t expect them to want to live in the home and instead expected them to take the garage space, which had its own bathroom and kitchen, her parents were disappointed.

Even though the guest home provided everything required for a happy existence, the woman’s parents were unhappy and upset. She lamented:

“They said that they wanted to live in the house, not out in the garage like Fonzie.”

The lady informed her parents that they had no choice but to live in the garage. She then stated that they could either move into the room she had prepared for them or to a nursing facility somewhere.

The woman was surprised that her parents were concerned because she lived in a private garage that was up to code and did not have to pay rent. She quickly received comments from other Reddit members commiserating with her.

One person said that the woman’s parents seemed spoiled, and that if she let them reside in her house, they would own it and she would never be able to get them out.

Another reader speculated that the woman’s parents wanted to live in the main home so she could cook and clean for them rather than them having to do it themselves. One user mentioned that her buddy had done something similar for far more thankful parents, saying:

“My friend just converted her shed into a gorgeous guest home, complete with kitchen appliances, a separate bathroom, and everything else. Her parents are presently living there and are fine with it. They like the seclusion and being near to their child.

However, other individuals believed the woman should have discussed everything with her parents from the start. Some advised the lady to inform her parents that they might periodically visit her in the main house but must respect her limits.