When he discovers a red ball on the ground, Fox Cub leaps for joy

Foxes in the wild may appear shy or frightened because they spend so much of their time alone, but even the most serious creatures like a good laugh again and then.

Take it from this fox youngster in West Sussex, England, who came discovered a stray ball in a graveyard and promptly got the zoomies.

“This is what happens when a playful fox [cub] finds a ball,” Fox Guardians, a group that protects the fox community, stated on Facebook. “They will literally have a ball playing with it for hours on end!”

Toys are more than simply a source of entertainment for young foxes; they also aid in the development of their inherent instincts.

“Cubs become agile and strong through play,” wrote Fox Guardians. “Both qualities are needed for hunting and fighting when they become independent juveniles.”

Toys are frequent enrichment tools for organizations like Fox Guardians, which devotes 100% of its time to care for the local fox population.

However, fox-centric conservation organizations aren’t the only ones that gain from the fact that foxes enjoy playing with toys. Most homeowners might benefit from this knowledge as well.

“If your cub is digging up your grass, offer old socks, tea towels, or inexpensive soft toys… “And they’ll play with these toys instead of digging up your lawn or chewing on your plants,” Fox Guardians added in a second Facebook post.

Diverting interested foxes’ attention away from the looks and scents of a garden with a more attractive toy will make everyone pleased.

Unless, of course, the fox’s siblings are waiting in the wings.

The little fox that got the zoomies after seeing a red ball has grown into a practically self-sufficient teen.

He still hangs around on the Fox Guardian property, and despite the fact that life has become much more serious for the grown lad, he promptly changes back into a cub whenever he finds a new toy.