This wife has a 7th sense and what she does is beyond hilarious

“Honey, I’ve been invited to go fishing in China with my boss for a week,” a guy told his wife. It’s a terrific chance for me to advance. Could you kindly pack a week’s worth of clothes and lay out my fishing rod and box? We’ll leave right from the workplace, and I’ll stop by the house to pick up my belongings. Don’t forget to bring my new blue silk pajamas!”

Despite her suspicions about her husband’s claim, the wife, being a loyal wife, faithfully followed his directions.

After a week, the husband arrived home, looking fatigued but happy with his work.

The wife, eager to hear about his weekend, enquired about the fishing expedition, wondering whether he had caught any fish and how the entire experience went. “Yes, lots of salmon, bluegill, and a few swordfish,” the husband said. “How come you didn’t bring my blue silk pyjamas?”

The woman cleverly said, “I did… they’re in your fishing box.”