The whole internet searched together but was unable to identify what this was. I have no idea what this is, and neither do 90% of other people

Toy Clackers, or Lik-Klaks as they are more commonly called, were a popular toy in the 1970s and remain a nostalgic favourite among collectors of antique toys. These toys, which consist of two plastic spheres linked by a thread, are recognizable by the resonant “clacking” sound that results from swinging the balls back and forth.

Toy Clackers quickly became incredibly famous after being created in 1969 by the inventive toy company Wham-O, who is best known for inventions like the Superball, Frisbee, and Hula Hoop. In its first year of sales, Wham-O managed to sell more than 10 million pieces, indicating that people were captivated by this entertaining toy.

But there were difficulties along the way for the Toy Clackers. When reports of the plastic balls breaking and endangering youngsters emerged, safety concerns led to bans in several places. In response, Wham-O made an effort to create a version of the toy that is safer. The redesigned version was not as successful as the original, despite their best efforts.

Even now, Toy Clackers are highly sought-after collectibles for enthusiasts and those who remember playing with them as children. These old toys, sentimental relics from a bygone period, nevertheless bring happiness to those who are lucky enough to own a pair.

Even though I didn’t possess a set of Toy Clackers, I still have great recollections of playing with them at friends’ houses. What say you? Have you ever enjoyed having a pair?