The ‘Paranormal’ Creature Seen Lazing on the Beach Isn’t What It Appears To Be

Brend Glez was taking in the calm of a deepwater seascape the other day while relaxing on the sand in Panama when she noticed a dark shadow.

There was what looked to be a body made of characteristics that resembled black tendrils. The figure was left lying down on the sand with Glez where she was standing facing its reverse.

After Glez posted the disturbing video to TikTok, hundreds of drug users joined in with their own comments, many of whom thought the creature had metaphysical origins.


One user said, “I was spooked!” The emotion wasn’t unique to them.

However, it became out that Glez was genuinely aware of what the critter was on.

Even while the “riddle” creature initially seems to be some sort of monster, it is actually only Glez’s adorable dog.

She goes by Lolita! In one interview, Glez noted, “And she ADORES the sand.


Everything had been an optical illusion, a misreading of Lolita’s undeniable beauty in the face of a strange and unsettling object. Glez, though, is still only able to watch her dog playing on the sand.

“I was in shock as well to see people’s prints about the videotape,” Glez remarked. I ultimately scared off the whole TikTok community. I’m still unable to understand what worries them so much.

After all, Lolita is obviously not frightening.


Lolita has certainly enchanted people all over the world just by having her sporty tone, but in a rather strange viewpoint.

Glez replied, “I think if she was nervous, she’d order, like, so many funk snacks right now. It’s incredible what she has already accomplished.