Quick Reasoning Daughter dials 911 while pretending to get pizza in order to save her mother

Tiffany Urban, a young woman from Oregon, found herself in a terrifying scenario that no child should ever have to face. Tiffany realized she needed to act quickly after seeing her mother’s assault at the hands of her abusive boyfriend.

Tiffany planned a smart strategy and sincerely prayed for its success, driven by dread for her mother’s life. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911 while pretending to order a pizza to hide her panic.

The dispatcher, originally perplexed, said, “you called 911 to order a pizza?” believing the number was incorrect.

Tiffany reiterated repeatedly, “No, no, no.” You’re not getting it…,” she said before revealing her address and phone number.

Recognizing the seriousness of the issue, the dispatcher ordered cops to Tiffany’s location, who was trained to identify critical situations.

Tiffany’s mother had previously undergone terrible violence at the hands of her lover, who showed no indications of stopping by the time the police arrived. Tiffany’s fast thinking, on the other hand, averted a possibly disastrous catastrophe.

The abusive boyfriend was quickly caught by the police, securing Tiffany’s mother’s safety.

The silver lining in this bleak story is the dispatcher’s specialized training, a resource not available to other emergency dispatchers. Many people in this critical function lack sufficient training, putting them at danger in critical situations.

We hope that the state reconsiders its rules and considers implementing thorough training programs for all 911 dispatchers.

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