Over 100 whales are kept in secret “underwater jails”, revealed by a drone footage

About 100 cetaceans have been caged inside a series of small enclosures off Russians Pacific Coast, close to the city of Nakhodka.

In total, 11 killer whales and 90 beluga are detained in a “whale jail” as called by the animal activists ,which is illegal. According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, it is the largest number of marine animals that are taken in this way and prosecutors will investigate whether orcas and belugas are illegally found in small enclosures.

Taken and sold in China

The evidence says that these species have been captured and conserved for commercial purposes. According to telegraph, it is expected that it will be sold to ocean theme parks in China at a high price, a killer whale could generate more than $ 6 million in the flourishing sector of ocean theme parks in neighbouring China. There are more than 60 marine parks in China and at least a dozen are under construction.

Prosecutors are investigating further in this matter to find out if these cetaceans were captured for some other purposes since the companies who are responsible say that these animals were captured for scientific and educational purposes. (This despite the fact that the film clearly shows more cetaceans, than the 13 that they would have been allowed to capture earlier this year). The lawyers also tried to examine the conditions in which they are held. that Greenpeace Russia has described as: “torture.”

It was evident that several belugas and orcas were observed, while reservoirs may also contain babies, which is quite prohibited, which is not acceptable even for scientific and educational purposes.

According to experts, the scope of this activity is not only harmful to cetaceans retained in these places, but also for the future of this species.

“By catching up at this rate, we run the risk of losing our entire killer whale population,” said Oganes Targulyan, research coordinator at Greenpeace Russia, in The Telegraph.

“The catch quota is currently 13 animals per year, but nobody takes into account the fact that at least one killer whale is killed for each catch.