Nurse assumed that the little girl’s family was unaware of what she performed on a regular basis

Cancer is one of the most heinous diseases, especially when it affects youngsters.

Jonathan and Shelby first thought their two-year-old daughter, Sophie, had allergies. Her doctor suspected asthma because of her breathing troubles. Unfortunately, the reality was considerably more foreboding.

Sophie was supposed to have an allergy test a few days later, but she never showed up. She abruptly stopped breathing one terrible night.

This is a dreadful scenario for any parent. Jonathan and Shelby summoned an ambulance and rushed to the hospital, where specialists disclosed a more serious diagnosis than asthma or allergies. Sophie had T-cell lymphoma, a kind of cancer.

Sophie has been taking chemotherapy for months at this point. Despite her valiant efforts, the illness returned, hurting her ability to speak, move, and perform simple functions with her hands. Her little body is already preparing for a stem cell transplant.

Shelby is a continuous presence at her daughter’s side, sometimes ignoring her own well-being in her unwavering desire to see Sophie heal.

Jonathan and Shelby created a Facebook page named “Sophie The Brave” to keep friends and family up to speed on Sophie’s progress. The page has almost 12,000 followers, which extends outside familial groups.

Among the touching posts, one in particular jumps out, presumably connecting with mothers of sick children who may identify to Shelby’s heartbreaking sentiments.

Shelby stated:

“I notice you. I sit on this couch all day and notice you. You make every effort to go undetected by me and my child. When she sees you and tears, I see your face drop a little. You attempt everything to calm her anxieties and win her over. I notice you hesitating to poke her or remove bandages. You say ‘No owies’ and ‘I’m sorry’ more than most people say ‘thank you’ in a single day.”

“I see all of those rubber bracelets wrapped around your stethoscope and on your arms, each one for a child you’ve cared for and loved.” I saw you rub her bald head and wrap the blankets firmly around her. I picture you holding the distraught mother who has received awful news. I see you attempting to chart on the computer while holding the infant whose mother is unable or unwilling to accompany her to the hospital.”

“You put aside what’s going on in your life for 12 hours straight to care for sick and dying children.” You enter each room with a grin, no matter what is going on. Even if Sophie isn’t your patient, you come to check on us when you see her name on the calendar. You contact the doctor, blood bank, and pharmacy as many times as required to ensure that my kid receives the care she requires on schedule. You check on me as frequently as you do on her. You sit for 10 minutes and listen to me talk despite the fact that your phone is vibrating and your to-do list is a mile long.

“I notice you. We can all see you. No number of snack baskets or cards can properly explain how much you are appreciated. Every day, you are Jesus to us. Without you, our children would not receive what they require. Without you, moms like me would not feel sane or heard. You rescue our infants, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.”

Shelby’s post earned a whopping 26,000 likes, and it’s easy to see why. The great people at the hospital, notably the committed nurses, need to be recognized and appreciated for their exceptional efforts.

As we all hope and pray for Sophie’s quick recovery, the family received good news: Sophie’s cancer struggle is almost finished!

Let us disseminate Shelby’s genuine thoughts about the nursery and hospital personnel so that more people are aware of the outstanding work they do.