A woman’s wedding RSVP went viral for all the wrong reasons

Wedding planning entails various considerations for both brides and grooms. The to-do list is lengthy, ranging from picking a date to selecting a venue, selecting invites, and shopping for numerous essentials.

The wedding venue is one of the first important decisions to make. Aside from price, size, location, availability, and personal tastes, couples must also evaluate the venue’s capacity in relation to their guest list.

An intriguing wedding tale has sparked curiosity, particularly one using an RSVP card. This happened two years ago, at the height of the Covid outbreak, before the vaccination was available. Due to Covid worries, the bride had to limit the guest list. She even notified her uncle, Uncle Dave, that he would be unable to attend owing to illness. He understood despite the explanation.

The same strategy, however, was not followed with Aunt Edith, whose health was supposedly good. Due to Covid restrictions, the bride did not extend a plus one invitation to her long-time lover, Danny.

Source: reddit/weddingsunder10k

Instead of a simple “yes” or “no,” Aunt Edit vented on the RSVP card, penning things like “Most Rude! + Hurtful!” with the message “You shouldn’t have sent one at all!” She even went so far as to put “+ Uncle Danny” after her own name.

The bride posted about the event on Reddit, where many people thought Aunt Edith’s reaction was wrong. One responder stressed the bride’s ability to invite whoever she wanted, alluded to Aunt Edith’s reaction to possible envy. The bride’s maid of honor spoke out, saying that Danny had played a little role in their lives, and guests were warned ahead of time about the decreased number of guests owing to Covid limitations.

The question is whether Aunt Edit overreacted.