A Family Makes Headlines with a Brutally Honest Obituary

When a loved one dies, it’s customary for their family to pay respect by publishing a meaningful obituary in a local newspaper. Following this practice, however, does not ensure that every family is willing to write a pleasant eulogy for the deceased. In fact, rather of conveying positive recollections, some families choose to voice their frustrations in the obituary.

Take, for example, the family featured in today’s video. Surprisingly, Kathleen Dehmlow’s adult children from Redwood Falls, Minnesota, elected to print a caustic obituary about their late mother, expressing their complaints for all to see.

While the obituary begins traditionally, the final line exposes the intense anger these two people have for their mother.

We won’t reveal the most moving moment, but it ends with the words, “…this world is a better place without her.” Yes, it is as harsh as it sounds!

The Redwood Falls Gazette, the newspaper that first published the obituary, chose to delete it from its online platform owing to widespread public outrage, according to Business Insider.

In a recent interview with the Star Tribune, a family member recognized the contentious elements in the widely distributed obituary but also conceded that the late mother’s life story had considerable gaps. Dwight Dehmlow, a family member, offered a different take on Ms Dehmlow’s behavior, emphasizing that everyone makes errors and that she had come to regret hers over the years.