20 Surreal Photographs Of People Who Have Never Taken the Safety At Work Course

Everywhere, but especially at work, safety comes first! Employees’ well-being and health should always be ensured in the workplace, regardless of their vocation. Some occupations, particularly physical jobs, are more “dangerous” than others; yet, every trade conceals its health dangers, and even the most sedentary vocations harm our bodies. Depending on the employment, every employee should attend a workplace safety training or at the very least understand the fundamentals.

In these photographs, you will witness a succession of people who have completely neglected any form of precaution and appear to be unconcerned about their own safety.

1. We don’t know if the two guys are still alive, but the sofa is undamaged.

2. What is he attempting to accomplish: clean the window, clean the upstairs window, or simply enjoy the view?

3. He’s not linked to anything?!

4. This image demonstrates that not only window cleaners, but also painters, are fearless.

5. Why use a shovel when your legs would suffice…

6. Potentially hazardous.

7. Let’s hope they don’t simply end up with the t-shirt in their hands when they pick it up.

8. In Russia, you unconditionally believe your coworkers.

9. Safety glasses are required!

10. Here’s another excellent defense…

11. At the very least, he was wearing safety glasses…

12. He is erecting a flag that says, “Think about safety first!”

13. This man is the scale’s human and professional extension.

14. A skilled gardener

15. How long has he been alive?

16.You can’t accuse him of not cleaning adequately.

17. This man’s dangerous situation is startling.

18. They install a forklift to each floor.

19. This can’t be real…

20. Unlike his coworker, he does not own headphones.