Mom Let Her Kid to Give her a Hair Cut Before Going to Chemo.

A pair of scissors with a kid? Trust me, it would be World War III. Yet, for Emile Orton, a mother of
three children from Arizona, it was rather liberating. 32 years old mom was diagnosed with stage
two ovarian cancer. Ultrasounds, MRIs became a part of her life and worst of all was the
chemotherapy. So, as she has to shave her hair, she gives the chance to her 4-year-old girl to be her
Orton shared her experience with her daughter plying a hairdresser on Instagram last month. She
says that when she broke the news to Shug that she can play a real hairdresser, she was over the
moon. Her daughter Norah, aka Shug, became Orton’s most favorite and scariest hairdresser she has
ever had.

Emilie admits that losing her hair made her rip inside occasionally. But, as wanted to be strong andmake the family stronger. She knew that she not going to fight cancer alone because her family got her back.
Furthermore, she confesses that, for a woman, hair plays an important role. It’s what defines us.
Hair is what lifts us up and also take us down. That’s why we stick to one good hairstylist no matter
how much it costs.
That’s why she let her kid cut the hair because she knows how much kids to love to cut hair. So, she
sat in the salon chair aka stepstool and fulfills her daughter’s ultimate wish.
Emilie videoed the whole video and posted it on Insta. Her photos show how serious Shug was with
her work.

Well, we all know that we can’t expect a Sally Hershberger from a 4-year-old girl. Yet, she did an
amazing job for her age.

She says that it wasn’t easy. Her husband has shaved the remaining hair. For her, still, it’s a shock yet
she believes that chemo is working fighting cancer. So she agrees with being bald and look at the
bright side of it.

She has many supporters on Insta and all of them were wishing and encouraging her.As her life getting harder with chemo, she didn’t give up the battle. She has shared a Halloween celebration snap with her daughter on Instagram.
On her November 6th post, she has written that it sucks to be in chemo. For her, it was like living in a dark place as it hurts mentally and physically. Also, she says that she feels horrible inside and as well as outside whenever she looks at her image in the mirror.

Finally, she says that she is not posting to earn empathy from others. What she wanted was to show
people what cancer feels like.
So here’s our hope for this strong mom to pull through and to have strength and the courage to face his challenge.

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