When his owner died this horse broke down after smelling his coffin.

When we lose someone we love so much it’s so hard to go through that.

In 2017, on New Year's Day, Wagner Lima, 34, died of a motorcycle accident in Brazil. He was a Paraguayan cowboy where everyone knew that his beloved horse Sereno was so close to him.

He and his horse companion was so close for so many years.
However, Wagners’s brother Wando thought that Sereno should be present at Wagner's funeral. So, Sereno can stay with his human friends and family.

"This horse was everything for him," Wando told Globo News. "It was as if the horse knew what was going on and wanted to say goodbye." He said on Happiest.Net

Wagner's brother organized a moving march to his brother in the city of Cajazeiras, Brazil. Serene, Wagner's friend, walked with them. However, none of them knew how the grieving horse would react if he got close enough to Wagner's coffin to identify his scent.

Wando says he will take care of Sereno on behalf of his brother.

Horses always have a special love for their owners.

Now you can watch the video below to see what happened during that moment of tears.
"A horse is the projection of people's dreams about themselves: strong, powerful, beautiful and able to escape our material existence."

~ Pam Brown

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