Baby koala’s life saved because of golden retriever!

It's always good when the animal make friends unexpectedly  . As an example it’s cute when two dogs become best friends . But , this  friendship which was unexpectedly made between a golden retriever and a baby koala has perhaps saved the life of koala.       
The golden retriever in this story is Asha, who belongs to Australian Kerry McKinnon and her husband . It was the husband of Kerry who noticed the couple for the first time  on their porch . He called his wife because she was still sleeping.   
When Kerry came down , she thought she was dreaming!

"I did not know what he was talking about at first," she explained . " But then , I saw this little koala nested on top of Asha . I just burst of laughter . The poor Asha knew not what to think , she was just confused and looking at me .I think she felt bit guilty when I came to check to see what was happening. Her expression was extremely funny"     
The reality is that, even if Asha just made a friend , she has probably saved the life of this baby koala. Kerry thinks she falls out of her mother's pocket and has to fend for itself from there . The temperatures night in Victoria may go down to 5 ° C. In addition, if a predator had found the joey before the beautiful Asha, it would not been good.      

" When we have removed the koala to wrap it in a blanket, it hissed at me and continued," has continued Kerry. "I think that it would have been happy to have stayed there all day. It was really an amazing thing to see. "    

Unfortunately , Kerry had to separate new friends and has taken the koala to a veterinarian , then to a center of rehabilitation . They hope he will soon be released into the wild, thanks to Asha's friendship and rescue actions .  

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