Baby koala holds his mother while she goes through surgery

If anyone tells that animals do not have feelings like us, they should read this. When the mother of this Koala baby was operated, he did not leave her. He hugged her all the time, and the pictures are so much touching.

Koalas are beautiful creatures, small, bear-like types that sleep 23 hours a day. They carry their young in a small bag on the front in their body making it a marsupial instead of a normal mammal.

Of all Australian animals, koalas are probably the most beautiful and the least dangerous. And a baby Koala is even more adorable, of course. But more than anything, this baby Koala is the most adorable of all.

Actor Marty Fields shared the photos on Facebook with the title,

"Koala baby clings to mother while undergoing surgery”

Lizzy the koala was taken to a wild animal hospital in an Australian zoo, her son being seized by her side. Lizzy had an accident with a car. His little boy, Phantom, only 6 months old, was fortunately not injured and shouted when they tried to get him out of his mother.

"Lizzy suffered a collapse of the lungs that required emergency surgery.

Ghost continued to last and would not give up even during the operation.

"Lizzy survived the surgery and is now recovering with Phantom by her side.

"Take a minute and share those wonderful pictures of the ability to love animals."

The adorable photos show how much this baby koala has love for his mother and us humans can also learn a lot from him. You can take this opportunity to call your mother or give her a hug if you can.
But above all, it spreads the love of this baby Koala and his mother and shows that animals also have love.

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