These calves with their earmuffs looking cute! The story behind is amazing!

Can you remember when your mother or grandmother forced you to wear the headscarf and gloves when you were small? Well, it seems that farmers are doing the same thing for their cows, to prevent them from freezing in the winter. Farmers make special ear muffs for their babies.

In addition to being practical, the earmuffs have the most adorable look on cows. Just look at these these baby cows! Tell me it's not the cutest thing you've seen!

The Twitter user @ThisFarmingMan_, in addition to having a hilarious play on Smiths as a username, Uploaded these cute pics of cows wearing earmuffs. The image has won 170,000 "likes" and everyone loves how adorable the earmuffs are! However, frostbit is a serious problem in agriculture and farming.

"Frostbite is the damage to the tissues of the body that occurs when these tissues freeze," writes Dr. W. Dee Whittier in Calves and the Cold. "The extremities are more at risk: frozen ears and tails cause changes in the appearance of livestock, but do not significantly affect livestock performance."

"Newborn calves are at higher risk because they are wet and they occupy a large area relative to their total body weight," continued Dr. Whittier. "Calves are not completely able to maintain the temperature during the first hours of life." Newborn calves have a circulatory system less able to respond to cold changes than more mature animals. "

Fortunately, this unique solution helps keep calves happy and healthy, while giving them an adorable appearance! Although cats and dogs live indoors, the risks are lower. Can you imagine how cute they would be? Food for thought...

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