She was asked to “cover herself up” while breastfeeding! And this is what she did

You have to give credit to Melanie Dudley, cause she is funny. Recently, when she was asked to "cover" while breastfeeding in a restaurant, she had a rather funny reaction; she covered her head with the blanket and left her chest exposed while the baby was still breastfeeding!

Dudley was on vacation with her family. She also has two twins, four years old. A man (we don't know if he was the manager) approached her and asked her to cover up while she is 90 degrees outside. According to a report on News Channel 9, the impulse to cover her head with the blanket was a fraction of a second. "I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with all my family and a man asked me to cover myself up," Dudley said. "I'm generally discreet, but we were sitting in the back of the restaurant."

Since the photo and the attached story were posted on Facebook last week, it has been shared more than 200,000 times, while tens of thousands of people have commented on the situation. While there were clearly some hateful comments on her , detractors who spit hate, most commentators support Dudley's actions.

"It is so bad at a time when it is perfectly acceptable for girls / women to walk half-naked, dressed almost without anything," one commentator wrote, "however, women are judged for doing their best." natural on earth look away if it makes you feel uncomfortable. "

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