Puppy knocks the door to get back in the house

Can you imagine something worse than your puppy escaping? It would be heartbreaking when you realize it. If it were in the middle of the night, as in this case, you would not even know it until morning! At that time, they could be anywhere. Fortunately for this family, however, this puppy immediately regretted his decision he made to escape and rang the bell to return.

Marshall is a three-month-old Golden Retriever puppy who lives with a loving family in Spokane, Washington. However, one day he became a bit mischievous and decided to take a break to go for life outside. He likes the hills. He wanted to breathe that fresh air. No more straps! Fortunately, Marshall quickly realized that the outside was not so good without someone to share it with. You must have a human to get huge sticks or, what's the point?

Once he decided that the lost life was not for him, he had to go inside. It was then that he realized that the bell was his friend. He had no previous training to ring the bell, but he solved it. What a clever pup! The security images of the house show the puppy knocking the door to enter. His is remarkably human!

His was like saying "I'm sorry," and who could not forgive that adorable face? Marshall is such a good boy that his family, relieved, quickly took him in, but a little confused. Now all you can teach him is to how to flush the toilet.

What do you think of Marshall's resounding talent? It's remarkably human! Tell us your opinion in the comments and share it with your family and friends if you think he’s the most adorable puppy!

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