Women hands over her pet dog to kill shelter saying that she’s “too busy” to feed him

Stories like these make us wonder what people think when they adopt animals. It's almost as if they were expecting someone else to take over their work. Adopting a pet is not just taking a cute animal home. This is a great responsibility for which many owners are not always ready for. The woman in this story could not handle these tasks and instead chose to lie to the authorities.

This Florida woman could no longer take care for her pet and decided to give it to a shelter to kill. When she was asked about her reasoning, she said she was simply "too busy" to care for the animal. However, the truth was quickly revealed. In fact, she was guilty of criminal negligence.

She finally admitted that she was neglecting the animal and local citizens are reacting with the right amount of outrage. How could someone adopt a dog and then decide that they are “too busy" to take the actual responsibility? Now she is facing and the animal has been removed from her custody. Thank you, God, for these little miracles.

Alexandria Drew is the name of the woman who is responsible for this behavior. The good people of the Sarasota County Wildlife Service have discovered the true reasoning behind her actions. Fortunately, the Richter dog is now safe and sound. Daniel Tutko is a local police lieutenant who also decided to intervene. When he saw the dog, he knew that the animal was not fed regularly.

Poor Richter was extremely emaciated when he arrived at this shelter. Alexandria composed her lie by stating that she had found him wandering, as stray. A microchip analysis showed that she was not telling the truth about it either. She now faces charges of animal cruelty. As for Richter, he does everything possible to recover from the trauma he has experienced.

If you want to know more about Richter's story and what will happen next, do not forget to watch the video below. We fully understand the outrage that people feel. Some even argue that Alexandria should be locked up without food, so she knows what she has done. Meanwhile, let's do our part to create awareness by telling this story! It is time for these types of criminals to suffer the consequences necessary for their crime.

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