Walking 15 Minutes On A Daily Basis Can Change Your Body Amazingly

You will experience the many and exciting benefits of regular exercise for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. But there are Americans who do not separate a time to exercise or train during their free time.

According to research conducted by a professor of hereditary heart disease at the NHS Foundation Trust at the University of St. George in London, Sanjay Sharma,

It is impossible for us to stop aging, but it is not impossible to delay the time we grow old and look younger. We can still look young when we are 60 years old and live longer

Physical exercise prolongs your life from three to seven years, relieves depression, improves cognitive function and delays or decreases damage to your mentality, such as memory loss.

Below you will find the benefits of walking daily.

1.Reduce the risk of diabetes.
According to research conducted by Harvard Nurses Health, walking daily reduces the risk of diabetes in women by 30%. It can also reduce abdominal fat resulting from diabetes.

2. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

According to research carried out by the Health System of the University of Virginia, it reduces the incidence of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in men from 71 to 93 years old compared to the rest of men who do not exercise. Everyday.

3. Reduce the risk of hypertension.

Walking reduces the risk of hypertension.

4. helps digest

Gastric mobility is improving, according to Tara Aleichem, a physiotherapist at the Cancer Treatment Center in America.

5. Reduces pain and increases mobility.

Improvement in the mobility of people with PAD (peripheral artery disease) according to the American Heart Association

6. Improve bone health

Improve dental resistance, bone density, bone strength and the risk of being affected by osteoporosis, fractures and narrowing of the spine is less.

7. Increase cognitive ability.

The ability to pay attention, read, memorize and reason, etc. It increases when walking through old and young generations.

8. long life

Longer life can be expected.

9. improves the mood

Walking stems from a person's positive mental state and diminishes feelings of negativity according to the research conducted in 2016.

Tips for walking

·         Walk at least 3.5 miles at an appropriate pace
·         Tilt the walk more to burn more calories.
·         Wear the most comfortable shoes.
·         Keep the body structure, with the shoulders down, facing forward, keeping the chin parallel to the floor
·         Pump the shoulders by swinging the arms and bending them 90 degrees
·         Make more changes in your daily walking routine and wait for more changes
·         Climb the stairs instead of the elevator.
·         Choose to walk to your place of work.
·         Walk with your friends after lunch and dinner.

According to Dr. Mercola's suggestions, choose a suitable place to walk without shoes (grounding), a park covered with grass or a sandy beach. Finally, it helps your body absorb the energy of the Earth through the soles of your feet. Its use as a practice will have powerful physical impacts.

Here are some examples that can be improved ashore. This was finalized and published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health,

  •          PMS
  •          hypertension
  •          Energy levels
  •          stress
  •          Asthma and respiratory diseases.
  •          Chronic pain of muscles and joints.
  •         Sleep disorders
  •          Activity and response of the immune system.
  •          Heart rate variability
  •          Main indicators of osteoporosis.
  •         Reduce diabetes

It is best to use a pedometer or portable device first to understand how much less you work. This will motivate you and you will follow up when you start walking as an exercise.

You will be inspired to see how much you walk each day when you begin to follow in their footsteps.

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