Types of friends you should consider keeping your friendships

Friendship is a unique connection between two, or even many people. There are many types of friendships depending on the place, and characteristics. Some of These characteristics are sympathy, empathy, altruism, honesty, affection, mutual understanding, trust and so much more. It’s hard to distinguish between real friendships and fake ones. So we are giving you some types of friends which you should be careful of.

1.       Friend who is always jealous

Some people don’t want you to become success and they will try to drag you down. Some friends are also among these friends. If a friend acts distant and not so supportive when you put a step forward in your life, they could be jealous a bit. You can identify this when they don’t give you credit for what you have archived and they will say it’s your blind luck or will give someone else credit for what you have archived. These are the types of friends which puts fake smiles around their face and you will notice that every time. This friend will never actually support you in anything but will act like they do. They are good at finding mistakes at every little thing you do. They will also talk behind your back without appreciating what you have done so far.

2.       The “Boss” friend

This person will try to guide you or control you the way he or she wants you, which is never helpful. This friend thinks you are wrong always and has no respect to your vision or ideas. They will advise you always and try to diverse you from your path. And also they will always get a credit for something you have archived saying that without their advice you will have never achieved it.

3.       The “opportunity “ or the cunning friend

This friend only hangs out with you when it suits them. When they need something they will hang out with you and in your rough times, in the times when you need a help, these people would nowhere to be seen. They associate you for things they can get from you, not for anything else. It could be money or any type of other help they need form you. You can’t understand it they are telling lies or truth sometimes as they want to emotionally blackmail you. So always know these type of people and keep them at distance.

4.       The “selfish” buddy

These type of friends are self-centered, think and talk about themselves only. They don’t think about you or other people while they are so busy with doing what they want to archive what they want. They will talk about their success and boast about it while not helping anyone to get to success. They won’t respect you. So it’s always better to avoid these friends without hanging out with them.

Fake friendships are everywhere , but it doesn’t mean that true friendships doesn’t exist . A real friend will always be there with their support and they will help you to go up in the ladder. Best thing is to make your circle small since having a one true friend is worthy than  having 100 fake friends. 

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