This dog who is homeless carries his food bowl everywhere he goes thinking he might get some food

This story reminds us of Oliver Twist's famous passage. You know, the passage from the period when
Oliver resides in the orphanage and desperately seeks foe more food. Few things are as sad as a child
forced to be hungry, but a hungry animal can be just as sad. A non-profit group, known as the World
Animal Awareness Society, is working to eliminate these problems.

They seek to raise awareness and one of their tactics is to get a lot of attention. They decided to follow a
homeless dog in the streets to make people realize how difficult their lives can be. This poor dog stayed
wandering the streets in search of food and reduced to take his plate door to door.

There are too many people who simply think that stray dogs are fed by someone somewhere. In most
cases, this simply is not true. The animals that have been forced to live on the streets have no resources
and are asked to be self-reliant. Since these animals cannot communicate about their basic needs to the
world, they are left behind.

Just watch this heartbreaking video to see how life can be difficult for stray animals. Imagine how
difficult it would be to spend your days wandering the streets, not knowing where your next meal will
come from or if the person who feeds you has an interest in you. This dog illustrates the message that
the World Awareness Society wants to send.

Now it is up to you to make sure that the message is being transmitted. Dogs like this will never get the
help they need, unless their human counterparts want the world to know their destiny. That's why this
video has to be shared with a much wider audience. Otherwise, these animals will continue to suffer.

We all do our part by sharing this clip with our friends and loved ones. There is no reason for stray
animals to suffer like this dog. It is time to become the change that we all want to see in the world. This
clip can be a heartbreaking one, but it is necessary.

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