Shelter dog was not leaving the corner as she was so afraid

The Fulton County Refuge is full of dogs who spend their days trying to make eye contact with everyone they can. They are looking for someone who has mercy on them and offers them a home forever. However, there is a special dog in this place that acts different. Iris does not try to make eye contact with anyone.

All she want to do is to sit in her corner. At first glance, it's as if she thought she was going to be invisible. It breaks our heart to see her in that situation. She has become accustomed to surviving alone and is not doing well in this new place. When they first met her, she had lived on the streets of Georgia for at least two years. Iris was used to fending for herself.

Laurel-Ann Dooley is the volunteer who noticed Iris's behavior. Iris also has a sister named Daffodil who is pregnant. Laurel knew that someone should act quickly if Iris wanted to survive. The dog could not be saved quickly. So she posted about this in Facebook to attract the public attention and hoped for the best.

In Dooley's words, no treats would tempt her and she had little interest in food. Even the most fearful dogs generally recover if they are given a treat. However, Iris had lived too much of her life to feel comfortable. BarkVille Dog Rescue saw the post and took in Daffodil, but Iris was on a more difficult path.

Lin Rocke has already worked as a veterinary technician and understands how difficult things can be for dogs like these. She asked her husband if they could accommodate Iris and her husband did not resist the idea. According to Lin, "now his office is full of dog things!" And we cannot stop laughing at the connection that this family has made. Iris widens her horizons slowly.

She is also interested in the other family dog, Letty. Letty is a good animal who does everything possible to make her new sister feel comfortable. Lin hopes that Iris will feel better in her new environment. Meanwhile, those who wish to follow Iris and learn more about her incredible journey should consult her Facebook page.

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