Science reveals that you could absorb negative energy from the people you associate.

Some days it is difficult for us to maintain constant strength and to be active. In these moments you get the impression of being caged, trapped or living under a rock. But now, science has revealed that this effect is real.

Energy is distributed throughout the time and affects all of us all the time. Vitality appears in different ways in different situations. Everyone has their own vitality, which is different from each other with each of their feelings. Among these people, there are few who have terrible vitality and these people can significantly influence your personal satisfaction. So you need to be more aware of these people. However, you should try to reduce the time you spend with these ‘negative people’; otherwise, your tendency to remain in their vitality is greater.

The circle of society that you associate can affect you enormously. These are obstacles to your personal development. According to recent scientific research, people who see things negatively affect us a lot. And the dangerous part is these people try to control and influence us repeatedly.

According to scientific research conducted by the University of Bielefeld in Germany, it has been shown that even plants absorb the vitality from many other different plants because they cannot produce glucose only through the vitality of photosynthesis. This fact led scientists to investigate how this work with living beings. This takes us to examine how people can find and help others by using different levels of vitality.
A German doctor, Olivia Bader-Lee, once said that "the human body is very similar to a plant that sucks and absorbs the energy necessary to nourish its emotional state". She emphasized the fact that we ignore bioenergy in us the touch of nature.

The most specific remedy to relieve or repair is to maintain more contact with nature. This can reduce the seriousness of the problem and that is what we need. According to Bader-Lee, it is because the exchanges of vitality is between human, animals and plants. As he says it is the reason that being around nature refreshes and energizes people always.

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