Paralyzed dog dumped on street with broken wheelchair and bag of diapers

Unfortunately, dogs that live in shelters and have a disability are not always chosen to live in a home forever. Many adopters look for younger dogs without medical problems. As a result, disabled dogs are generally ignored. Lunita, the dog, thought that she had found a loving family that was willing to take care of her. But one day, all that changed.

The owners had left her on the street to fend for herself. By the time she was found, they had tied her in front of a grooming shop in Argentina. The dog was paralyzed and the owners no longer did anything for it. They threw her out and left her in her wheelchair. These people had simply decided that she would be someone else's problem. How can someone be so cruel to such an innocent, helpless animal?

Lunita never deserved this type of treatment. No animals with disabilities would. LUBA Salta was contacted shortly after. A local bystander wanted to make sure she would get the help she desperately needed at the moment. They took her to the clinic of a local veterinarian. She received the attention she needed and even received a new wheelchair that worked perfectly.

Now that she had recovered the wheels, she came back to life. Although the rescuers could never find the owners responsible for this deplorable treatment, they decided to look for a new family forever. A family tried to take care of her , but was forced to take her to a safe place. When the shelter posted Lunita's story online, they received massive feedback for that story.

Everyone felt bad for the struggles she had experienced. They wanted to make sure that she would not suffer anymore. She went to the United States and now leads the life she has always deserved. Better yet, the good people of Eddie's Wheels have considered it appropriate to provide her with a new wheelchair. Now she can walk with her new family!

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