List of signs that could warn you about a heart attack

Heart attacks are a common cause of death today in the society. Heart attacks could occur due to many reasons, such as our way of eating or lack of exercise, etc. Heart attack could occur anytime and people are totally helpless when it occurs. So if you become aware of these signs you could take precautions before it happens
  1. Stomach pain
If your stomach is paining from time to time this could be a warning.  If your stomach is suffering from queasiness, notwithstanding swelling or torment, you better get it checked. These stomach torments will have a wordy nature, which will go down and will occur again for brief moments.
  • Sleep deprivation
If you have trouble sleeping, which means you cannot sleep till it’s too late or you get up midnight fully awake, it could link you to an oncoming heart attack. Especially among women, becoming nervous and being absent-minded are some side effects of a sleeping disorder.
  • Having unusual fatigue
If you feel tired without doing any special work could be a sign that you are expecting a heart stroke. These kinds of exhaustion is special which is not occurred by physical or mental activities, which will increase when the day ends.  If it occurs always consider seeing a doctor.
  • Losing hair
If you keep losing hair in the crown area of your head and your age is below 50 consider taking bit medical advice about your heart.
  • Unpredictable rhythm
Unpredictable rhythms in heartbeat or pulse is a sure indication of heart attack, with this comes tipsiness and outrageous tiredness. Seek medical attention soon if you have these.
  • Short breath
Shortness of breath or dyspnea, which causes you the inability to take full breaths is another sign of oncoming heart stroke.
  • Small chest pains
If you feel small pains in arms, jaw, neck, or chest area from time to time it may sign you with a oncoming heart attack which you can be aware of. So there are lots of other signs too which will warn you about heart attacks but we will finish off the list from this. It’s better to eat healthy and do some exercise to avoid heart-related diseases, and do not forget to do the checkups regularly.

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